THRIVE is your exclusive source for connecting with today’s most influential and driven movers and shakers. For the first time, a magazine that delivers exclusive up-close and personal interviews with the most innovative game changers of our time: the greatest athletes, musician, social entrepreneurs, visionaries, and celebrities with a social cause. Plus, Thrive includes an elite lineup of truly fascinating and diverse columnists, all of whom have climbed to the top of their profession. In each issue, they candidly share their insight born from the road to the top. Also, it’s the first magazine to feature plant-based performance nutrition as a means to enabling professional and Olympic athletes to perform at the highest level. Each issue will include numerous functional plant-based recipes (with beautiful full-color photos), meal plans, inspirational stories and interviews with leaders impacting our world, all of whom use optimized nutrition to their advantage. Thrive also features top yoga teachers, performance columnists and successful mavericks in numerous fields.


Thrive Magazine Mission Statement
To give all who aspire to continually improve the inspiration, tools, resources, and community to do so.