Kate Emilia – Teen Vegan Chef and Accomplished Blogger and her best recipe for Acai Bowl Smoothie


At 14, Kate Emilia is a Plant-based Leader, Foodie, Blogger, and Editor of thefeedfeed. She shares a Few of Her Fave Recipes

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Q: Food advice?
A: I personally don’t really use that many fancy foods when I prepare my meals. Some rather unusual things that I love to use, though, are matcha powder, lucuma powder, and chia seeds. All of these superfoods are not only super delicious, but incredibly good for your body, too, so let’s incorporate them some more on a daily basis!

Q: Most underused foods in the kitchen?
A: Sometimes simple things are the best, and a big tablespoon of cinnamon in my daily overnight oats, topped with some fresh and dried fruits, and a bowl of potatoes and green veggies, such as broccoli and dried herbs, for lunch sure are! I first started caring about my eating habits about two years ago, when I felt that something just wasn’t right. I educated myself and started to incorporate more healthy and wholesome food and less of the junk stuff. Over the past two years, my taste buds have changed completely. While I was a big chocoholic and all about refined sugar just two years ago, I enjoy a bowl of steamed veggies with any source of wholesome starches, like brown rice, now. So when I became vegan eight months ago, I thought, “Well, what if I post my food on an Instagram account?” I swear, it was just like that. I saw a lot of vegan bloggers on Instagram too and I wanted to be like them! So I just created an account one day and I’ve been blogging on that one ever since. Being an editor for @thefeedfeed.vegan was an opportunity that I was more than happy to take; it kind of worked itself out and I am so grateful for everything I have already achieved and for the people that have supported me on my way.

Acai Bowl with Rawnola

Prep time: 10 minutes | Serves 2


1½ frozen bananas
1 cup frozen berries
½ cup each of oat milk and coconut water
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 heaping tbsp acai powder

¹/³ cup rolled oats
2 medjool dates
Pinch of both cinnamon and bourbon vanilla powder
Splash of coconut water


It’s as easy as it could be; just blend all the ingredients for the Smoothie and pour into a bowl. Then pop all the ingredients for the Rawnola into the blender and blend away. If it’s too dry, add some more coconut water. It should be crumbly and chewy. Top the smoothie with the Rawnola and some fresh fruit.
Optional: Add some shredded coconut. Enjoy!

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