Russell Brand Calling for a Revolution for Animals, Equality, and Uniting for Change

On Animals: I don’t see why someone should have to lose their life just so you can have a snack.

On Factory Farming: Don’t listen to me, I’m a maniac. Listen to the voice in your head and ask it, is it right to kill 200 million animals for fun? Listen. What did it say? Right. There you go. Even as a junkie, I stayed true to not eating animals. I’d do heroine, but not eat a hamburger. What a sexy lil paradox.

On Animal Welfare: If you’ve got any concern at all about animal welfare, you got to not eat meat.

On Equality: I believe we are all equal. I ain’t got no right to kill. If a fly comes in my house, I tolerate that lil asshole.

On Society: How we treat the vulnerable is how we define ourselves as a species.

On Government + Humanity: The reality is, we have more in common with the people we’re bombing than the ones we are bombing them for.

On the Revolution: A total revolution of consciousness and our entire political, social, and economic system is what interests me, but
that’s not on the ballot.

On Creating Change: Only unified do we have any power against corporations. They’ve got the guns, money, and political power and all we have is one another, and it’s time for us to collectivize and become active on these issues.