TASTY as HECK: Chef Heike Müller


TASTY as HECK: Chef Heike Müller

Chef Heike Müller is based in Switzerland, A Plant-based Edible Visual Designer

Deep purple soba bowl

Serves 1


1 tbsp peanut butter

1 tsp shoyu

1 tsp lime juice

2 tbsp coconut milk

1 tbsp hot water

1 good squeeze sriracha sauce

The Bowl

½ cup thinly sliced red cabbage

1 serving black rice soba noodles (gf)

1 handful flower-sprouts or kale in pieces

(stems removed)

½ clementine, sliced horizontally

2 tbsp pomegranate jewels

2 tbsp cress

½ spring onion, thinly sliced

1 tsp each black and white sesame seeds

1. Blend the ingredients for the dressing until smooth.

2. Mix with the cabbage in a large bowl with your hands until massaged and soft; set aside.

3. In a nonstick pan, toast the sesame seeds on medium heat then set aside to cool down.

4. In a medium pan, bring water (unsalted) to boil and add the noodles and give it a stir.

5. After 2 min, add the flower sprouts (or kale) and cook for another 3 min.

6. Drain the noodles and flower-sprouts and wash under cold water; drain well again.

7. In a serving bowl, mix together soba noodles and cabbage, garnish with the rest of the ingredients, and toss with leftover dressing, cress, pomegranate, and sesame seeds.


Green power smoothie

Serves 1

1 handful frozen peas

1 handful kale leaves (stems removed)

¼ avocado

½ banana

¼ apple

6 peppermint leaves

1 small knob ginger, minced

1 tsp spirulina

2 tbsp soaked buckwheat (8h+)

½ cup water

5 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients with a high speed blender until creamy.


1 fig, sliced

1 tbsp soaked buckwheat (8h+)

2 tbsp (frozen) raspberries

edible flowers

Garnish and Enjoy!

Q: What can’t you live without in the kitchen?

A: I’m in love with my knives. I bought them when I moved in my first apartment when I was 20 years old and still use them every single day.

Q: Five of your favorite ingredients?

A: 1. I love cashew nuts in all forms: soaked, toasted, and raw of course.

2. A big favorite is ginger, and recently I found organic local ginger, which was incredibly tasty.

3. The ingredient I miss when I’m traveling is avocado, the most indulgent and versatile fruit to me.

4. Then there’s cilantro, which makes everything so fresh and special

5. And organic virgin olive oil of course!

Instagram: @TastyAsHeck