The Wisdom of Ziggy Marley

ziggy marley wisdom

Ziggy Marley: Acceptance and Nonresistance, the Key to Lessening Personal Suffering and Stress, and His New Album, Inspired by Anger and Hope

Maranda Pleasant: How do you stay centered and balanced, especially traveling all the time on tour?

Ziggy Marley: Each day is a thing. Each day is its own thing. I try not to think about tomorrow or yesterday, but just live in the day, in the moment, experiencing as much as I can and taking those days as lessons. I am very open and accepting of my situation whether it be hard or easy, sick in bed or healthy. I’m accepting of my life and my situation. I’m accepting the hard stuff and the easy stuff. I don’t have a problem, because I accept what is happening to me. I’m not fighting it. This is my purpose. Acceptance and don’t struggle with what you’ve been given or chosen to do.

MP: What inspired your new self-titled album?

ZM: Emotionally I was angry. Angry about what was happening in the world. I know we can make
it better. Sometimes I have to disappear to connect and get inspired to write a song. I feel love and connected to humanity. The suffering of humanity is my vulnerability.