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McKel Hill

Creator of Nutrition Stripped

The Nutrition Stripped community inspires me every single day! I love being able to connect with people all over the globe over healthy food that truly nourishes the body. It’s also fun and challenging to incorporate my nutrition expertise into making really innovative food that tastes delicious, is simple, healthy, and can be appreciated globally.

Kim-Julie Hansen

Founder + Content Creator: Brussels Vegan + Best of Vegan


I am most passionate about showing people that vegan food is not only the most nutritious, but also the most delicious food out there, and that going vegan is by no means a sacrifice, but rather a wonderful journey that benefits everyone.

Kate Lewisr

Food + Travel Photographer & Food Stylist

While being a photographer and stylist by day and recipe tester and developer by night, I really get to focus on my loves of natural, cruelty-free whole foods. In my blog and social media I enjoy sharing my passions for traveling, good health, and most importantly, kindness to the earth and its animals.

Gina Kamburowski

Good Living Is Glam


i am most passionate about sharing my holistic wellness philosophy with my growing social communities, and also learning from my followers and people I follow. Every day I wake up thinking about what dishes and ingredients I want to explore, I consider what will resonate within my community,
and then the fun begins. I brainstorm about how to capture it in the most beautiful, unique yet minimalist way possible.

Photo: Gina Kamburowski

Kristina Ridderi


Spreading the message that eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself. Eating a healthy, plant-based diet means you get to provide your body with beautiful, colorful, and nutrient dense foods that make you feel amazing inside and out. Walking through the produce aisle or farmers market always ignites this creative spark in me and I love that through social media I can share that with people around the world.

Liana Werner-Gray

Founder/Author of The Earth Diet


I absolutely love assisting people in transitioning away from junk foods to natural lifestyle. I teach others how we can have our cake and eat it too! As long as we are getting nutrition from our favorite foods like raw chocolate, raw cookie dough, and cashew cheesecake, for example. I am passionate about enjoying completely nourishing nutrient-rich foods and drink every single day to ensure the body is getting a strong foundation of nutrition. six years ago, my goal became to achieve consistent health, instead of binge eating on junk foods. |
Roxxe NYC Photography

Lauren & John

Hot For Food


We’re passionate about vegan food and cooking, especially making favourite comfort foods from totally plant-based ingredients. instagram is a huge source of inspiration. We love the community we are a part of… #vegansofinstagram! As well as being out in nature. That’s always a good way to think of new ideas and clear your head.

Julie Morris

Superfood Chef + Bestselling Author


I am passionate about creating recipes that taste indulgent but are abundantly healthy and teaching others how to empower themselves in the kitchen through creating this superfood- infused cuisine for themselves.

Photo: Oliver Barth

Jenniferrose Rossano

Founder of Neurotic Mommy

What inspires me most is my son. Because of him and becoming a mom I’ve found my passion to inspire others to make healthy life changes for themselves and their children. We have to lead by example for the next generation. Being or living healthy isn’t a style or trend, it’s just life and we all deserve that. Knowledge is power, right!?

Maya Sozer

Dreamy Leaf


There is an extraordinary amount of talent out there that continues to inspire, teach, and humble me every single day. There is no shortage of amazing vegan food and amazing photography. The vegan world also shows me how passionate and loving people really can be towards animals, proving that better, humane days are to come.

Gena Hamshaw

Author, Choosing Raw

I’m passionate about creating vegan food that is as healthy as it is enticing and delicious!

Photo: Jeff Skeirik

Kristin Lajeunesse

Will Travel For Vegan Food


I am passionate about food and travel. I fell in love with food after becoming vegan, specifically, finding places to dine out, wherever I may be, and have always lusted after the gifts I’ve come to associate with trave —revitalized creativity, personal growth, and comfort-zone-pushing. |

Photo: Phillips Payson

Jason Wyrick

Executive Chef of The Vegan Taste


For me, food isn’t just the meal on your plate. It’s a vibrant story that weaves together the cultural and historical context of a dish. Where the ingredients were produced, the farmer that grew them, the environment that shapes what ingredients are used and why, the science of how those ingredients are transformed into a meal, the chef that puts everything together, and even the diner themselves.

Photo: Phillips Payson

Ashley Clark

Naturally Ashley


I am inspired by fruit! the sweet taste, the vibrant colors and juicy textures, I love to eat and photograph fruit and raw vegan meals. I went from eating a paleo diet to a raw vegan diet high in fruit and it has transformed my life on all levels, mind, body and soul. I feel so alive, high vibe, and more in alignment with my true divine self than ever!

Tim Moore

Vegan Fat Kid


I seek inspiration through food. Food has the power to nourish us, comfort us and entertain us but food can also inspire us. in my Veganfatkid journey throughout Los angeles, i’ve witnessed amazing vegan chefs transform meat-centric dishes into plant-based works of art. Crafting a delicious dish without simply “wrapping it in bacon” is truly an inspiring thing. Proving a vegan diet is far from restrictive; in fact it’s inspiring.


Earthy Andy

Plant-Based Hawaii


I have struggled with health my entire life. that is, until i became a plant- based vegan. my whole life has changed as a result. I live on the beautiful island of hawaii with my two beautiful boys and wonderful husband and I am able to enjoy my entire life on a new level thanks to changing what foods I allow to enter my mouth! I love food and now it loves me back! Aloha.

Photo: Amber Mozo

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