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Rainbow Salad

Ami Shoesmith

New South Wales, Australia 


Instagram: @the_sunkissed_kitchen

The Summer Challenge

Buy something you’ve never eaten before at the farmers market and make a meal with it! I love doing this, and although there have been a few fails, I’ve also discovered a lot of foods that I love and now include regularly.


Meal Advice

Make everything colorful!


My Essentials

Meditation, medicinal mushrooms and moving closer to the beach!


My Wellness Hack

Drink a cup of hot water three times per day!


Something We Don’t Know About You

I don’t like to admit weakness.





Butterfly pea flowers

Orange cherry tomatoes

Purple radish

Watermelon radish

Heirloom carrots

Candy cane beets

Micro basil



Arugula Dressing

½ cup water

¹⁄³ cup balsamic vinegar

1 tsp Dijon mustard

¼ cup sultanas

1 clove garlic

¼ cup walnuts

1 tsp dried oregano



• Slice and display all the produce on a large board.


• Blend dressing ingredients together and add just before serving.


Latest Food Discovery

Medicinal mushrooms! I feel like I’ve really gone down the rabbit hole, and I use them for everything (energy, calmness, brain function!). Plus, lion’s mane mushrooms taste like lobster, so it’s fun creating meals with new flavors and textures I never knew existed before!


Creating Epic Salads With No Oil

Use roasted nuts! I love making my salad dressings with walnuts, balsamic, Dijon, garlic and some raisins, blended with some water! Simple and delicious, and no oil

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